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Oje, jetzt ist es schon Abends geworden. Aber ausfallen lassen will ich meinen Post dann doch nicht. Die Nacht war kurz, der Morgen nach kurzer Meditation und einem Dachfoto startete gleich mit Arbeit. Wir haben an einer Ausschreibung teilgenommen, die noch etwas Feinschliff brauchte und so habe ich das morgendliche Schreiben hier geopfert.


Neben der intensiven Arbeitserfahrung heute, fand mich aber auf dem Dach noch ein anderer Post, der mich schwer beeindruckt hat.

Filiz teilte Ausszüge aus diesem Artikel von Robert Augustus Masters, die ich einfach übernehmen und hier stehen lassen möchte.

When we are intimate with another, we can be very, very hurt. We can become crazily jealous, possessive, obsessed, angry in ways we never thought possible, our spiritual practices shredding into near nonexistence in the storms of our pain and reactivity. It might seem under such conditions that our capacity for awakening has been severely diminished, but that is from the viewpoint that sees only the turbulence, the chaos, the unpleasantness of what is happening. However, in such rough and wild waters swirls another possibility, one equipped with nothing but a lifeline to our heartland. If we take hold of it, we start to recognize what’s right about what’s wrong; we treat the shit as compost; we let the pain tear open our heart; we learn to love when we are not being loved or don’t feel loved, and to give what we ache to be given.

Any relationship can trigger us. Good relationships trigger the hell out of us without trashing the relationship; great relationships trigger the hell out of us while deepening the relationship. And the best relationships use whatever happens, however difficult or disheartening, not only to deepen the relationship, but also to awaken us beyond it.

The obstacles we encounter in relationship are not really obstacles, but catalysts in drag. Catalysts for what? For waking up. Be grateful to have someone so close to you who can so easily push your buttons—and maybe even install a few! It’s not so easy to remain buttoned-up when we’re in close to another. Healthy relationships don’t let us remain intact, cool, immune. They kick our mutual butt with such fierce compassion that we can’t sit for long on our stuff. How infuriating, how inconvenient, what a pain in the ass! And what a gift.

And what a wonderfully sobering and illuminating joy—to enter so deeply into shared living that everything is permitted to awaken us. And to be so close, so attached, so deeply bonded that we cannot get away for very long from the inevitable challenges of such relationship.

Sofort habe ich daran gedacht, genau in diesem Sinne die beste Beziehung zu meiner Liebsten zu haben. In diesem Artikel habe ich mich wieder erkannt.

Der Gedanke daran, liess mich trotz des intensiven Finales nicht los.

So, nun wünsche ich Euch nur noch einen schönen Abend!

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