Script and Slides of my #Patlib2014 #Keynote [long read]

Es ist geschafft, die Keynote gehalten. Der Abfall der Anspannung war nicht leicht. Ich war anfangs sehr unzufrieden mit meiner Performance, bin ja mein ärgster Kritiker. Ein Teilnehmer rettete mich aber mit den Worten: „Danke, es gibt doch einen Menschen hier.“

Allein dafür hat es sich gelohnt! 😉


Den Nachmittag brauchte ich Pause und bin erstmal auf eine Demo hier gegangen. Auch spannend!

Aber dann bin ich doch zur Abendveranstaltung und den Kiz Kulesi. Dabei kamen immer wieder Konferenzteilnehmer auf mich zu und bedankten sich für die Inspiration. Und die, denen es nicht gefallen hat, sprachen mich zum Glück nicht an. Es scheint also doch alles gut gegangen zu sein. Falls es doch ein Video geben sollte: ich weiss gar nicht, ob ich das sehen möchte.

So ist es grade ganz rund. Da aber einige schon fragten und es sich so als Text auch ganz gut lesbar ist, hier also mein Script. Damit der Kontext stimmt, habe ich die Slides dazu sortiert.

Viel Spass beim Lesen.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_01

günaydın, good morning

hoşgeldınız, willkommen

*************my thoughts are in soma, i can feel the pain!*************

re-think networking 1.3_Page_02

one of my biggest dreams in life, comes true this morning

to be in front of a crowd like you and be the opening speaker
at a conference with an inspirational keynote speech.

with 280 people here in front of me and within the next 30 minutes: that is around 140 hours of actual human live time.

i’m very grateful, to be here today!

re-think networking 1.3_Page_03

my name is arne krüger, ten years ago i got into first contact with…

re-think networking 1.3_Page_04

the patent industry!

and then shortly after, i met my future wife.
she is from istanbul/gayrettepe.
i married her, we got a daughter.

simply because we exchanged our mail addresses
in a knedlički restaurant in prague
and we fall in love in the following
weeks of very intense email conversation

re-think networking 1.3_Page_05

since then we live in/love istanbul and i work in/love berlin

in the very same year, i ended my third,
and in jan 2006 i founded my fourth company

the only one of the four, which is still in business
we are now 80 employees in berlin

re-think networking 1.3_Page_06

i dived deeply into the internet.

777 project of daily blogging,
instagramer of the first day
twitter-, facebook-, linkedin,
collected some 1.2k people in my personal address book

i kept every single business card, that i’ve ever received since 1991
when i started my career in a north german bank, it is a now very full a4 leitz folder, i love to flip through all the people, i once worked with

re-think networking 1.3_Page_07

when the EPO/dan asked me in january
to talk about networking here, i first said: what? and then yes.
and i started thinking about networking.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_08

since then, i only see networks

this is the otogar: the biggest bus station i’ve ever seen

re-think networking 1.3_Page_09

here a vapur, a bosphorus ferry: what is a huge network here.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_10

when i was stuck in traffic? no problem.

i’m thinking about the network character of traffic, car dealers, all the network technology that makes driving a car possible…

re-think networking 1.3_Page_11

and as u can imagine,
i found all networking tips&tricks, all the articles, slides, blog posts:
be authentic, be prepared, ask more, listen more, talk more, keep adding value, skip social media, use social media, give to get, follow up, move on.

bla, bla, bla…

i didn’t like one of them, not at all.

that is the reason, why i thought,
we need to re:think networking, because…

re-think networking 1.3_Page_12

since the beginning, we all do „networking”, from kindergarden, this is, how we find our jobs… our spouses, this is how we may loose them. 😉

but a lot has changed in the last 10 years

rise of the internet, cloud, mobile, social networks
inter(net)connected society

what exactly has changed and what will change
how can we adopt to this change
that is, what i want to talk about today

re-think networking 1.3_Page_13

i once -back in 2008- accompanied my wife to boğaziçi üniversitesi

this is a çay mutfağa – a tea kitchen, u see them in every place here in istanbul

this was the first time i realized, that tv will get replaced by internet&facebook

if you look up from your phones, you’ll see
in turkey, and everywhere, everybody has a smarthpone too

everybody is online

re-think networking 1.3_Page_14

the internet became our new nervous system.
it is now infrastructure, like streets, like energy

it does the job of enabling us, we can use it, to connect
cheap and fast with the speed of light

did you heard of ’six degrees of separation‘?

first mentioned by a hungarian author: frigyes karinthy in 1929
continued by stanley milgrams small world experiment in 50ies
popularized by john guares play with the same name in the 90ies.

:everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people

facebook released a paper in november 2011, that amongst their users (721m with 69b links) the degree of separation is 4.71


re-think networking 1.3_Page_15

mehmet from durak bufe just plays candy crush…

re-think networking 1.3_Page_16

so, nothing has really changed!

re-think networking 1.3_Page_17

we humans are still the same.

we have the same operating system

we did not load new programs to our brain

we did not got any upgrade, no hardware upgrade

still the same processor, the same software.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_18

we are only capable of keeping hundred fifty connections
to other people at the same time open.
that is our maximum

defined in long time ago, in early gatherer hunter societies
and our brain did not much changed since then

robin dunbar suggested this number in his research published in 92

150 was the estimated size of a neolithic farming village

150 was the basic unit size of all professional armies
in roman antiquity
and even in our modern times
since the 16th century

re-think networking 1.3_Page_19

other scientists found out that in these ancient villages:
42% of the time, was spent for social grooming activities

this is time only spent, to keep the group, the village together

and the internet makes social grooming much easier for everybody
without the need of being physical close together

not to move us/atoms lowers transaction costs dramatically

this is true for professional and for personal networks

but, ok

re-think networking 1.3_Page_20

we are still the same human beings

we still don’t want things, that are here

we still want things, that are not here

we still try to ignore, what is there

re-think networking 1.3_Page_21

we are happy, we are sad

marketing studies are showing,
that happiness makes us want to share our happiness with others

and that sadness helps us to connect and empathize
both feelings are pretty much activating the same brain regions

only anger its different:
we still get angry, if we dont get what we want
but anger is only unpleasant, and makes us stubborn

we still fear loss and the unkown
but fear makes us want help, want us to connect with others

we are bonding to other people, if we experience fear

and it was a marketing study, i’m citing here:

the mercedes drives is at the cliff in high speed, wants to bring us into contact with our fear of heights and death and let us so connect with mercedes more

re-think networking 1.3_Page_22

but the egood thing is, we are all hard wired for empathy

we all want to share our feelings

that is, how we connect to each other

re-think networking 1.3_Page_23

with and without(!) facebook or twitter, or youtube…

(btw: this a picture of gezi park)


re-think networking 1.3_Page_24

somethings have changed

re-think networking 1.3_Page_25

the future is already here, but not evenly distributed
william gibson, one of my favorite authors said this

and there is not one week, that i don’t remember his words

our smartphone has more power than all,
i mean all(!)
the computer available at the apollo spaceship

they flew to the moon and back with less computing power,
than i have now in my pocket

we have one big problem left: we humans are too slow changing our behaviour.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_26

we have technology from the 21st century,

we have behaviour (our prozesses and organisations) from the 20th century

and we have our thinking from the 19th century.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_27

one example docdb backfile import

complete, on new server, database and indexed with elastic search and postgres

time we need: under 2h!

response time of the search: around 5milliseconds
everything under 50milliseconds is for humans: now
we are not able, to realise any delay under 50milliseconds

we search in 80million bib records, multi language, facetted search

i can show u on my phone, this technology is available
as open source or at very low costs.

we use standard hardware
a mac mini with ssd hard drives

re-think networking 1.3_Page_28

so we have all new materials, tremendous new speed
and its GOOD at helping you with your work today

but it is only GREAT if you rethink your process

new technology solves new problems best

we humans only want to solve old problems

we often choose security over change!

because we all love what we know, security, constant environments
we all fear, what we don’t know, risks, change

there is quote from my youth: what the farmer does not know, he does not eat.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_29

but as i started my first company in 1997
we went to 110 employees very quickly

with the first decentralisation wave
u remember: company data centers and lotus notes?
in these days a revolutionary new collaboration software

with the first huge outsourcing deal, our biggest client went blue.

we restarted and rebranded to moving targets in 2005 with only 10 people left.

we took over deparom, an 2006 already outdated patent information product.
we tried to understand it, we tried to renovate it, we tried to reinvent it

but it’s still there, with still the same revenue and the same customer base

it basically still does, what it did 94

re-think networking 1.3_Page_30

yes, all this new technology is helping us
with speed and costs, but what it does, is basically the same

we use only different material to do the same job!

re-think networking 1.3_Page_31

we tried to build a new open patent data system, and we failed miserably

nobody was waiting for us, nobody wanted it, basically because: it was really bad

our users did not want to change their behaviour,
neither our developers. we did not changed our enterprise thinking.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_32

having a few selected chosen-ones creating our software is not working anymore

and having a few selected chosen-ones handling your IP was a good idea a decade ago

but now, information needs to get to the engineer, to every engineer

fast, easy, accurate and in a fun, unobtrusive way
it is possible, the technology is there

but you need to focus on bringing information to the people who really need them
you will be needed for selection, administration and everything that is related to legal-actions

because: you are NOT an engineer, you are NOT the one sitting at its desk
you are NOT constructing and developing products

i strongly believe, by enabling others to participate in our processes
we all get much more valuable!

re-think networking 1.3_Page_33

but nothing has really changed…

re-think networking 1.3_Page_34

nothing has changed.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_35

peter drucker said: culture eats strategy for breakfast

we are our culture, our values, our beliefs

we are what we think, all that we are arises from our beliefs
with our thoughts we create the world

our beliefs are our habits, pattern, emotions

and we are defined by what we repeatedly do

our habits are our strongest energies, preventing change
we are not what we think, we are! we are, what we do

and my beliefs are my borders,
i set them, to protect me,
they are my little believies

i believe in them,
but i live by non of them,

my beliefs are more about, how i want you to see me!
(inspired by louis ck)

re-think networking 1.3_Page_36

„i spend most of my time, trying to get you to like me

i paint over an ancient wound, it is unknowable, or at least unable to be articulable.
i do believe you have a wound too, its specific to you and common to everyone.
i do believe it is the thing about you, that must be hidden and protected

it is the thing that won’t be interesting to other people, if revealed.
it is the thing that makes you weak and pathetic.
it is the thing that truly, truly, truly makes loving you impossible.

it is your secret, even from yourself, but it is the thing that wants to live.
it is the thing from which your art, your painting, your dance, your profession, your philosophies, you play is born“
(charlie kaufmann)

we all work against this wound, we try to burry it deep.

that wound is the reason, we want to move faster and faster,
sell more and more, compute more and more, be better and smarter

we invent, develop new stuff, more efficient, more, more, more
we lower our costs only, to sell us more.

re-think networking 1.3_Page_37

everybody is an expert in something
but there are stars in your network:
i call them global experts

you look up to them, you admire them,
they do everything right,
they succeed, they are happy, have everything you dream of
they make enough money or doing significant research,
the are always helpful…

and they don’t exist!

local experts/beginners are the opposite,
they can do one thing right, and they suck at almost all the rest…

if you dont know the people in your network,
than you usually think of them as global stars
or you ignore them, they dont exist for you

re-think networking 1.3_Page_38

so, even if i hated all the other networking tips out there
here my ultimate tips for better networking/living for you:

have an beginners mind, say more “yes, i’ll try” then “naaa, not for me”

recognize: there are no shortcuts, you can try them all out,
in the end, they will not work for you,
they will only work for these, who sold them to you

fail fast, with low risk/costs, high potential experiments (remember: four companies!)

re-think networking 1.3_Page_39

you simply cannot photoshop your sunset experience,
your feelings while sitting there at golden horn and watching it


re-think networking 1.3_Page_40

something has (definitely) changed

re-think networking 1.3_Page_41

letz get back to technology and networking

re-think networking 1.3_Page_42

because of all that we will see
more and more decentralized platforms
to communicate with each other

letz call it local functionality

very specific to use, for your personal and professional networks, specific for you, for your company and industry needs, fulfilling the real need of any organisation

re-think networking 1.3_Page_43

we will see more centralized infrastructure

to access these local, decentralized platforms

re-think networking 1.3_Page_44

we will have more global functionality:

we will have more and better frameworks for
search (like google), indexing (like espacenet), access api’s (like ops)

re-think networking 1.3_Page_45

to enable networking, open data are eventually necessary
our adressbooks, our network needs connectivity to live

re-think networking 1.3_Page_46

that is the reasion, that we will see less personal privacy
there will be accessible/open data everywhere
(last 5 slides inspired by michael seemann)

re-think networking 1.3_Page_47

to summarize my talk
all networks are made of non network elements

one is in all, all is one.

the single human being, u and me
we are part of many, many networks

u, ur family, group, company, organisation, institution,
region, state, continent, even this conference is network of its own

and all these, are YOUR specific networks
are only in your head/adressbooks
specific to you, common to everyone!

you are one decentralized network platform

re-think networking 1.3_Page_48

empty ur mind, observe, connect!

you know things, you are an expert in something
but you are a beginner in many more things

in 2014 we all are lucky to have access to internet in our pockets
to access each others networks
and to the centralised functionality:
search, indexing, messaging

if we can adopt our mindsets, adopt our behaviour
to the technology at our hands, we can access the whole world.

for this we need to open up our own network! in one way or another!

that is the reason for being here
that is the reason for talking to each other
and that ist the reason for being!

re-think networking 1.3_Page_49


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