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A year ago, I was all into pubsubhubbub, but I’m not a developer and the websites and tools around this protocol did not got too much of my attention, but now something new hit me yesterday like the enlightenment a zen monk!

This is so incredibly simple and great, I have to write it down here. Yesterday I go my beta invite and immediately discovered this new event driven api tool:

Read this here  how it works or just scroll through my first steps, that saves all my Instagram Pictures in the moment I upload them to my Dropbox as copy. This is just amazing. This is how I want the internet to be! Jesse & Linden, thank you so much for this little great piece of work.

Currently 18 channels are available. ifttt just uses their public api and selects the most common functions to combine. You click create task and then you follow 7 simple steps and choose, if this happens then do that… and yes, it is exactly so simple as it sounds!

I choosed for my first task: if anytime I publish a new photo on Instagram, than it should get added in a folder with the time stamp to my Dropbox or in ifttt words:

if Any new photo by you herrkrueger then Add file from url to your dropbox.

Today I published three pics and voila – there they are: woooooah!

I got 5 beta invites for readers of this post. Just comment or reply or dm me: first-in first-serve!

PS: I learned about ifttt via @spreeblick (auf deutsch), thank you Johnny! And I waited a couple of days for the invite to arrive after standard registration.

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4 Kommentare zu „ifthisthenthat – a truly inspiring new web tool…

  1. Hallihallo Herr Krueger! Das interessiert mich doch sehr – ist denn noch ein Beta-Invite da? Lieben Dank – auf bald.
    P.S. Danke auch für das Investment @empireavenue!
    LG Olaf

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