My Day 2 #NEXT11 Notes

Here my notes of the NEXT11, a nice event with fascinating speakers:

Werner Vogels, CTO of

  • uncertainty: we dont know, what kind of questions we will ask… how that pot of gold may look like
  • bigger is better: collect as much data as possible, process these data again and again
  • store or process: different way of ressource management
  • cloud will drive these processes: because of no limits of storage and processing power and great way of sharing
  • e.g. pharma industry changes to a collaborative environment
  • big-data requires no-limits
  • we think to much, data analyzis are the domain of big corporations – it’s not anymore
  • e.g. is doing data analyzes, you can put any sounds online

collect, store, organize, analyze, share

control, correct, validate, enrich data

Garret Graff, Washingtonian Magazin

  • metanarratives kill
  • the plural of anecdote is not data
  • be definable, or others will do it for you
  • be the underdog
  • play as big as you want to get

Isaac Z. Schlueter, node.js

  • acid or basic?
  • dirt – data intensive realtime application class
  • twitter, telephony, finanical quotes streaming
  • loosing isn’t ideal, but delaying is worse
  • python:twisted, node.js nonblocking io
  • erlang is awesome for dirt, abysmal support for unicode
  • why js: not loveliest, but good enough, entrenched
  • server side js: livewire, rhino, commonjs, do block io

Markus Wolf and Meno Abels, Sinner & Schrader, REWE Case Study

  • 1st Dimension: stateless components
  • 2nd Dimension: shared nothing
  • 3rd Dimension: client storage
  • application controller at client, template rendering, server and client, persistent client storage

David Rowan, Editor in Chief, Wired UK

  • elegant, responsive, smart

Tim Ferriss, Experiments in Lifestyle Design, Author of „The 4-Hour Workweek“ and „The 4-Hour Body“

  • good science is repeatable
  • „whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, its time to pause and reflect.“ -marc twain
  • the minimum effective dose
  • no carbon hydrates, no fruits
  • 30g protein, 30 min after wakeup
  • watch the movie: The Objective
  • the extreme inform the mean, not vice versa
  • public accountability creates an incentive for behaivor change
  • make it: conscious, game, competive, small and temporary
  • measurement and objective
  • mthfr gene, cover/track a few things, i have a goal
  • typically simple works
  • data by itself is not valuable, you have to keep the question
  • zeo, sleep – treat food as medicine

Bastian Unterberg, CEO of

  • design a process, that allows ownership: design for ownership
PS: better late than never… liked it a lot there!

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