A new trend, that is suprising many…

People are finding creativity for the first time, with their cell phone’s tiny camera. On the Instagram iPhone app alone, well over a million users have published millions of images. Significant, since Instagram launched only four month ago. Even more suprising, many of these images are verging on fine art quality.

@joshjohnson photographer and founder of instatips.com and bunchofsquar.es

And an #instahibit is a unique way to take some of these great pictures out of the iPhone into the notice of a more general public. Our first approach, started on sunday, resulted in overwhelming feedback from the instagr.am users, we’ve invited to participate. Thank you so much for your engagement and your feedback. You all made our days!

Today we are proud to announce the first #instahabitants

@jun3 from from warsaw

@ria from oslo

@cirkeline from copenhagen

@deejayron from chemnitz

@thomas_k from berlin

These are the first supporters of our #instahibit idea. To keep some excitement, the suggested users and pictures will stay within the iPhone for now. 😉

Our first bunch of frames arrived today as well, it will get unpacked and assembled for aesthetic and handling tests as soon as possible. And yes, we have a draft of our #instahibit flyer… taaddaaaa!!!

We are looking happily forward to everything more to come…

Bunch of Squares is about making social networking more social. A chance to remember that face to face, is still the best way to spend time with friends.


#instahibit is here for the exact same reason!

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