#instahibit first concepts…

We are able to print 100 instagr.am pictures from different users, thanks to @deparom the company I’m working for.

We will print digital inkjet in a 30 x 30 cm square format, we still investigate the best store to do the prints.

We will put the prints in black wooden 40 x 40 cm frames from Max Aab – Bilderrahmen aus Holz.

Each picture gets a sticker with the @instagram user name and the date of publishing picture in instagr.am .

The exhibition vernissage will be at 2nd of March 2011 after 8pm the official closing hour of the Cafe Espressolounge. We will hang the pictures in the evening/at night of 1st of March to 2nd of March.  The exhibition will be there for at least 8 weeks!

We are more than happy, to announce that @jun3 is the first instagram user, who is donating couple of her pictures to be part of the #instahibit. Thank you a lot, @jun3 we truly appreciate your support!

If anybody wants to buy one of the pictures? We are planning to sell them after the #instahibit is finished, but we decided to donate every single cent to support the charity projects of the Rotary Club Berlin-International.

To get an idea, here are sketches of a possible hanging concept and a picture of the actual exhibition, in which one wall has square pictures too, somehow similar to what we will have.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Alex – @alextraordinaire on Instagram. I’m helping to organise the first Australian Instagram Exhibition in Brisbane. I was wondering, since you organised the one in Berlin, if you had any tips that you would pass on to someone just starting the process? I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you in advance for your help. The email address for our exhibit is big.exhibit@yahoo.com if you wouldn’t mind answering there. Thank you again. Alex.

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