The Butterfly Concept…

The Hidden Side of the Swatch Story

1. great depression
switzerland lost 65% of the world market between 1970-1980
technology can really change things for you, if you cannot create a business out of it
swiss invention of quarz watches changed things, but asia turned it into products

measuring time was not a problem anymore

2. the hidden side of the swatch story
I was low in hierarchy
I wanted to invest 500k in a brandnew machine
I just made up a story, to keep my job and get the new machine

I did not want to do a new watch

two people where working at this
9 month first prototype, 18 month til shipping

if you want to reduce half of the price?
no way to do it evolutionary, you have to do a revolution!

we did fashion that ticks.

3. our patent strategy
it was not even clear, that we where inventing something

we just solved a problem

we thought about protection later
patents by technology or by products? we went for the product!

4. economics
5SFr costs to produce a swatch
25SFr retail price
6,6billion SFr revenue for the industry
50% of it went into marketing

5. exit
I was 33
and nobody was waiting for me

6. creaholic
focus on break through innovations
1-3% are creative, the rest not!

mental states: „gas“ (revolution), „liquid“ (evolution), „solid“ (erosion)

love-hate, gas-solid, man-woman

all our world is based on illusions!
we need the assurance, that we live tomorrow. we have appointments!
we produce something for the devil!

butterfly concept:
A: where are all my baby butterflys? B: they are in caterpillar stage: 1.000 feets. A: they will never fly…

(Link: Keynote Speach from Elmar Mock, at the EPO Patent Information Conference, Lausanne 2010)


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