Three Word Wisdom…

Dharmesh Shah wrote in his OnStartups Blog on a Friday early this year a not too seriously meant list of the shortest possible StartUp advice he could think about.

He said, he likes wordsmithing a lot and tried to put his best startup advice in three words only, he called it triplets. His list you can see here – including over 1.000 more of these triplets in the comments section. Even THE Guy Kawasaki commented and added his own advice.

Today I pulled all these triplets together in one huge list, cleaned spam and the 4 and 5 and more word wisdom… and I really got excited about this… What I had to do first, was to extract the top 23 triplets with 3 or more citations in the comments. ‚“Watch your cash.“ , „Watch every penny/dollar“ (8x) and  „Cash is king“ (5x) deserved the Number One together. For me, it just gives a great insight in the american way of thinking and doing StartUps or generally business:

  1. Cash is king. (13x)
  2. Believe in yourself. (9x)
  3. Keep it simple. (7x)
  4. Never give up. (7x)
  5. Learn from mistakes. (5x)
  6. Keep it fun. (4x)
  7. Love your work. (4x)
  8. Always Be Closing. (3x)
  9. Do it yourself. (3x)
  10. Do your best. (3x)
  11. Don’t ask permission. (3x)
  12. Don’t be Evil. (3x)
  13. Don’t give up. (3x)
  14. Follow your passion. (3x)
  15. Just Do It. (3x)
  16. Lead by Example. (3x)
  17. Less is more. (3x)
  18. Pay it forward. (3x)
  19. Ready, fire, aim. (3x)
  20. Think like customer. (3x)
  21. Trust your gut. (3x)
  22. Trust your instincts. (3x)
  23. Walk your talk. (3x)

And dont miss my own list of the favorites:

  1. Always stay foolish.
  2. Always make meaning.
  3. Sit and breathe.
  4. Eat sleep design.
  5. Less is more.
  6. Break the rules.
  7. Focus or fail.
  8. Connect the dots.
  9. Do not procrastinate.
  10. Forget hiring family.
  11. Sales fixes everything.
  12. Stop reading lists. 😉

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3 Kommentare zu „Three Word Wisdom…

  1. I’ll think I have to group them…

    Any suggestions for meaningful categories? You are more than welcome to leave a comment or via and I’ll do the work at the spreadsheet… 😉

  2. Herr Krueger, auch wenn das Design stark nachgelassen hat (usability jetzt mal ausgenommen) – der Inhalt Ihres Blogs ist fabelhaft!
    Noch 3 Worte von mir:

  3. @Daniel: jaaaaa, das design find ich auch wirklich furchtbar… srly!!!

    haste du denn ne empfehlung für ein theme, das ich selber konfigurieren kann?

    und danke für die ergänzung, wenns noch nicht in der liste ist, dann haste soeben platz 1.143 gewonnen 😉

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